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Canyon Nevidio, Montenegro
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The canyon, that is considered to be the most impassable is Nevidio Canyon in Europe. It was completely impassable except for professionals who need to be at the same time alpinists and divers, but today Nevidio is available to enthusiasts and tourists who are willing to engage in adventure and to take great risk for their lives. You need to know that if you hurt yourself somewhere in the canyon depths, the only way to save you is to draw out to you from the air … But let’s go without fear, the right down into the canyon, in its mysterious interior …
People say that strange and very odd name of the canyon has a literal meaning – Nevidio. The locals still called it “Neviđ Bog” by the legend according to which even God himself could not see inside the canyon. They say that until 1965. when it has finally been reclaimed, man’s foot had never taken a step in its terrible depth. Locals known as „Gorštaci“ called it “unseen miricle“ and with awe pronounce its name …

After several attempts, finally a group of alpinists from Niksic managed to do that, despite the modest equipment, pass through the canyon. Today we entered the canyon,organized with guides, with all necessary and modern equipment (for alpinists and divers ) and the devices for communication and navigation.
Canyon is about 3.8 km long and to pass through it takes almost the entire day. The canyon fall in more exactly the water flow is large with many waterfalls, cascades, vortex. The canyon cliffs reach about 450 m height and on some its parts reached only half a meter width. Apparently there is one place where is width a record 25cm! Maximum width of the canyon is 500m.
Anyway, Nevidio Canyon is one of the four canyons that surround the mountain Durmitor. Its second name is canyon of the river Komarnica, that created it and
passes through it.
The river Komarnica has its headwater at the foot of the mountain Durmitor, to the south side in the place Good Do. The river Komarnica sinks between Boljske grede (Atitude 2091m) and Lojanika (Atitude 2091m), to appear again later in the gentle river valley as a steady stream. At the end of the river valley, enters tannery among the rocks and slowly becomes “untouchable.” Here begins the canyon Nevidio!
Entrance place of the canyon is one of the most beautiful and the most pisturesque
the Durmitor area. In the village „Poscenje“ at the canyon entrance, there are two glacial lakes and waterfalls „Skakavica“ that from a height of about seventy meters water poured of river Grabovica and empties into the river Komarnica.
Passing through the canyon is incredible adventure and when you finally run over, you feel like you’ve won a battle with nature. Leaving the canyon, is usually followed by dinner with camp fire, sharing the stories of incredible moments and impressions …

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