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The Old Mountain, National park and ski center
Home Mountains Winter and ski resorts The Old Mountain, National park and ski center

A Balkan Peninsula was named by the Old Mountain (srb. and bulg. “Stara planina” ).
The Old Mountain is known also as Balkan Mountains, which is often called by Bulgarians. It is located in the central part of the peninsula and extends to a length of about 550 km along the Serbian border with Bulgaria and further, through Bulgaria, almost to the Black Sea and divides Bulgaria in two parts: the north and south part. Geologically it belongs to the younger group of mountains and along the range of the Balkans there are quite high peaks: Large Stone (1969 m), Midzhur (2169 m), Big Chuka (1957 m), Devil’s Head (1935 m), Kopren (1963 m), Silver head (1932 m) … The highest peak on the whole mountain is Botev (2376 m) and is situated in Bulgaria. In Serbia, there are following peaks: Babin zub (1758 m), Zarko Chuka (1848 m), Lazarevic jaglaci (1874 m), Bratko side (1943 m), Mramor (1760 m) …

planina Balkan

With decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia 1997th, it was established The National Park “The Old Mountain” which takes 142 000 hectares. This decision was also the first step in the development of the Old Mountains as the natural and tourist potential. Master Plan of the Republic of Serbia for the development of tourism in the Old Mountain provides for the construction of ski trails and ski lifts, hotels and ethnic villages as well as other supporting facilities. The first two lifts were put into function in January 2007.
Beside the Nature Park “The Old Mountain” in Serbia, there are two important natural parts in Bulgaria: the National park “Central Balkan” and the National Park “Bulgarka”.
The Old Mountain is noted for its mild climate, pure mountain air, warm mineral water sources and picturesque landscapes: in short, everything you need for healthy and active holiday.

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