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Pamporovo, known for singing people
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The Rhodope mountains – famous Bulgarian ski center

Pamporovo is known for legends that are passed for centuries from generation to generations. Some of them indicate that it is the cradle of the mythical singer Orpheus. Therefore, it’s not surprising that one peculiar song was born right here, which is wandering together with the “Beethoven’s ninth symphony” through space looking for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.
Particularly, space probe „Voyager 1“ and „Voyager 2“ are launched into the Universe beyond the Solar system, carrying plates with some information of the Earth. There are important scientific data on those plates, as well as some selected musical recordings. In the Universe went with the “Beethoven’s ninth symphony”, one Bulgarian song too, from this area!

planina Pamporovo u Bugarskoj

Hosts from Pamporovo welcome you with open arms, will thrill you with delicious specialties of the local cuisine, customs and, of course, national folk music. There is an old Bulgarian proverb (known to us too), that says: “Those who sings, doesn’t mean bad”. It’s simple describe tranquility and mentality of Bulgarian people from the Rhodope mountains.
Otherwise, Pamporovo is the pearl among the Bulgarian mountains and ski resorts. Pamporovo is known for the ancient pine forests, green meadows and pastures, sunny mountain peaks …
It is situated in the heart of the Rhodope mountains, 260 km away from Sofia and 85 km south of Plovdiv.

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