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The Maramureş- wooden churches
Home Historic sites Significant & unusual buildings The Maramureş- wooden churches

Maramures is a tourist area in Northern Transylvania, famous for its natural beauties, ethnic, traditional and cultural treasure, hospitality hosts and local people … but, the most famous are churches that are made of wood.
Also, the Maramures is famous for its forests, hunting and fishing tourism.

Maramures Romania

Thanks to the wealth of various trees of the region, it was created a distinctive style of popular architecture so-called “Timber” architecture which is best manifested by the high wooden gates, houses and churches made of wood by which this region is so particularly famous for.
Wooden churches and monasteries are rare in Europe as well as in our area, and they represent very interesting tourist attractions. They are mostly found in Orthodox countries (Russia, Serbia …) but there are also in Slovakia and in some Central Europe countries.
However, Maramures wooden churches are unique and unrepeatable. Since 1999 eight churches – masterpieces of Maramures have been listed by UNESCO.
Monastery Perry is proud of the highest wooden church in Europe with a 72 m high bell tower. Also, the famous monastery Brsana is from the same place. However, in Maramures there are about 100 wooden churches which are characterized by an extremely high level of artistic maturity and craft skills. They have been built by master carpenters, who have maintained this advanced knowledge and mastered those craft skills in the art of making wooden masterpieces.
The wooden churches represent a unique combination of religious traditions and the influence of the Gothic style. Their main features are the high bell towers. There are rare and low-ceiling windows on the wooden churches, so the light absence gives interior darkness and mystical aspect.

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