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The Butrint National Park
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According to the ancient Roman poet Virgil, while Aeneas was traveling to Italy on one of his many journey, he stopped at the fortress across the Corfu island, known as “little Troy”. There, in a yard surrounded by towers and poles, the king received Aeneas and his soldiers. According to the legend it was the Butrint, town, which was founded by Priam’s son Hector, running away after the fall of Troy. During the 19th century the Butrint has become fishing village surrounding the remains of the castle. It has been overgrown with wild vegetation and the tide that was inflicting the mud, covered the ruins, until the twenties of the last century, when an expedition of the fascist regime, discovered this ancient city while they were looking for marks to the hero Aeneas.
The village Butrint was declared a cultural monument in the 1948th and in 1992. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. He was declared a national park in 2000.

The Butrint National Park

The Butrint National Park as a place where the mountains touch the sea, and as a place with many caves and cliffs certainly draws attention to the tourists. The Butrint National Park has an important role in protecting plant and animal species that are considered to be in danger of eradication. This natural environment of the great significant makes complete the lake which is composed of wetlands whose waters are partly sweet, and the other salty.

Butrint Albania

Trip to the Butrint has a goal to get you know more about cultural heritage and historic heritage places, from the Greco-Roman to Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian legacy. Beside that you can learn more about history, there are different recreational activities such as painting, various tours, bicycle tours, horse riding, rafting for those tourists who like active holiday. Don’t miss to enjoy in a different taste of a various specialties of local cuisine.

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