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Split, Diocletian’s palace
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City or a palace? Split is the imperial palace, which is in an unique, creative and original way turned into a city!
The initial Diocletian’s palace was built by Roman emperor Diocletian in the III century, which exists still in modified stile. It wasn’t exist the city Split at a time when the palace was built. Split as a city was built by upgrading Diocletian’s palace.


It is almost fascinating how it has been done! With especially beauty an example is the Peristyle, a spacious square which connects the northern and southern part of city, where are settled inside the frontage of the ancient pillars and facades Romanesque, Gothic and later the Renaissance and Baroque buildings and palaces.
An interesting example of reassign space is former octagonal imperial mausoleum which was transformed into the cathedral by his enlarged Romanic bell!

Dioklecijanova palata

Otherwise, Diokletian’s palace is an example of the original Roman architecture. At the same time it was the villa, imperial residence and military camp.
Diokletian’s palace architecture is determined as well as Rome with two crossed street at a right angle: Cardo (direction north-south) and Decumanus (direction east-west ) and on their intersection there was a the main square Forum …

Diocetian's palace

The imperial chambers in Diocletian’s palace had impressive view because it was located along the coast. Today, it looks quite different because between imperial palace and sea it was built promenade.
Diocletian’s Palace is even today the old Split’s heart.
In 1979. Diocletian’s Palace was assign in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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