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Norway House

Norway House -House of Serbian-Norwegian friendship

Viking ship in the middle of Sumadija

It is completely unexpected and the incredible picture in the middle of Sumadija- Viking ship! Unusual building with his strange arhitecture is located on the hill enter of the town Gornji Milanovac, from whose balkon you can enjoy in a beautiful panoramic view of the town Gornji Milanovac …
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Norway House, while you are traveling through the heart of Sumadija and when you’re passing by, to take a break here and drink coffee, because it is at the same time: building of cultural importance, the museum, concert hall, club and restaurant. Certainly on the Ibar road there is no better and more original place for a rest than the Norway house.

Norveška kuća

People knows this unique building as „Norway house“ but his official name is the “House of Yugoslav-Norwegian Friendship” because it is the best cultural and traditional conection between the people of Norway and Yugoslavia
It represents a combination of Viking ship’s bow and an old traditional Serbian house.
Its unusual arhitecture reflects on the best way the combination of wild Viking spirit and uncontrolable Balkan temperament …
While you are sitting on its balkon and drinking your espresso, you have a feeling like you are cruising on a viking ship, strongly breaking waves of the northern seas, deep fiords and glaciers … and when your view goes to the other side, your eyes can enjoy in old Serbian chalets, homes and tradition… and your nose can feel specific aroma of serbian cuisine, that comes from the kitchen…..

In the museum there is also a permanent exhibition with exhibits from the war camps in Norway. During World War II in these camps died 2340 of about 4,000 enslaved Yugoslavs. Among them most were Serbs (total 3840) of which 39 were just from Gornji Milanovac.
There is in Norway house the office of the Serbian-Norwegian friendship Society and also a similar organization exists in Norway.

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  1. Dragoslav Randjelovic says:

    kako da stupimo u kontakt radi formiranja dru[tva Norve[ko Srpskog prijateljstva u Aleksincu. Ja li;no, sam psiholog, radim u Domu starih, imam NGO /de;ije poyori[te i bio sam u Norve[koj i imam ;vrste veze i prijateljstva sa profesorima i studentima Lovisenberg Diakonale college iz Osla

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