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Bridges, symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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It is so interesting the fact that the bridges are the most recognizable as symbols just for the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is beautiful town on the river Neretva and if you are going in Bosnia and Herzegovina definitely you would not regret if you visit this very interesting destination.
It is not so often to see a beautiful river valley in the middle of the city center. It can be only seen in Mostar, through which flows wild river Neretva with amazing emerald color of water. Back in 1566th it was built the famous bridge above the Neretva river, which is worldwide famours for traditional competition in jumping into the water. Unfortunately the old bridge was completely destroyed in 1993. in the war which engulfed the former Yugoslavia, and today in its place stands a second bridge „even older than the previous one“- say people from Mostar, to whom wit is never missing.

arslanagica most

Only 21 km away from Mostar is Blagaj, the river Buna spring, the largest European spring by the amount of water at the source, as well as beautiful Tekija.
Near Mostar is situated the small town Medjugorje, which millions of pilgrims visit for over twenty years. Medjugorje is by the testimony of many people a sacred place of apparitions of the Mother of God, but it is not officially recognized by the Catholic Church. In the southern part of Herzegovina, when you go Dubrovnik you will come in beautiful town Trebinje . Trebinje has thirty thousand inhabitants and in every step you can feel Byzantine presence, see many monuments from Ottoman times, the beautiful bridge Arslanagić.

Na drini cuprija

There is one more bridge of great importance that should be mentioned as well.It is located in the Republic of Serbian, the Serbian entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in north part of Trebinje, moving in the direction of Serbia. It is a famous bridge, which is the main theme of the novel “Bridge on the river Drina“, for which in 1961. its author Ivo Andric won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The bridge are located in Visegrad, a town to which you can arrive from the direction of Dubrovnik and Trebinje, or from Sarajevo- the second direction. Visegrad is a small town with no big signs, but the bridge is certainly a real historical monument in this region of Bosnia and Herzegovina that attracts the attention of tourist from all over the world.

Author : Aleksandar Devetak


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