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White Angel – the Mileševa monastery
Home Historic sites Sacred objects White Angel – the Mileševa monastery

The famous fresco “White Angel” is situated in the monastery Mileševa near Priboj. “White Angel” is the most famous fresco and certainly is among the greatest achievements of European painting. “White Angel”, as significant artistic masterpiece, takes very important place in many “History of Art” and is considered one of the finest works of European medieval art.

The fresco “White Angel” is part of a bigger art composition “Mironosice at the tomb of Christ,” which was during the often reconstruction of the monastery plastered across it and made new fresco. So it was up to the first half of the twentieth century when the plaster fell down with a newer fresco and discovered untouched face of White Angel.

It is painted in the fresco an angel dressed in a white chiton sitting on the stone, showing with his hand to the empty tomb of Christ and saying to “Mironosice”-women who bring good news, “Do not seek live man among the dead“!

White angel was part of the video that in 1963. the first satellite transmission of video signals sent from Europe and emitted in America. In this way, Europe presented itself to America and a fresco the White Angel found in the first few frames. Later on, the same signal is sent into space to possibly aliens.

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The Mileševa monastery

The Mileševa monastery was founded by the Serbian King Stefan Vladislav Nemanjić, son of Stefan I, in the first half of the thirteenth century. The King Vladislav moved the monastery relics of his uncle and the first Serbian archbishop Saint Sava from the Trnovo in Bulgarian until 1594 when they were abducted by the Turks and burned in Belgrade, on the Vračar plateau.

The Mileševa monastery belongs to the Raška School – building style by the model of the earlier ruling endowment Studenica and Žiča.

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