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Holy Mountain Primorska
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Above the Soča valley and town Skolan rises Holy Mountain Primorska from where is a magnificent view on the Soča valley and on Gorica (Gorizia in Italy and Nova Gorica in Slovenia too), the Julian Alps in the north and the Adriatic Sea in the south. They say that from this place it could be seen even Benedekta (Venice) when it is a clear weather.
However, Holy Mountain Primorska is not only a place with a magnificent view, it is an important pilgrimage place and on the peak is the Church of the Mother of God.
Holy Mountain Primorska is visited on a daily basis by many pilgrims and tourists. In 1992. Pope John Paul II is the only pope who has visited Holy Mountain Primorska.
It is interesting the fact that in 1948 one part of the church complex was nationalized where is opened museum Soška Fronta. After the collapse of the communist system, this property has been returned to the church property, but it remained the museum not only Soška fronta but of all those killed in World War II too.
One of the curiosities of the Holy Mountain Primorska certainly is the presence of the restaurant in the church complex, but this is not the achievement of communism but a long tradition of 400 years.


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