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The Fantast castle, built by Bogdan Dundjerski
Home Historic sites Palaces & castles The Fantast castle, built by Bogdan Dundjerski

The Fantast castle, known as the Dundjerski castle is the most beautiful and luxurious castle in Vojvodina, built by Bogdan Dundjerski.

It was built in 1925. on the model of the French castles of the time in the neo-Gothic style with a dominant tower and four corner towers.

In the castle complex there is a church dedicated to St. George, which was painted by a famous Serbian painter Uroš Predić, a good friend of Bogdan Dundjerski.

According to the legend Bogdan Dundjerski has never been married but had three great loves: women, horses and wine. Bogdan‘s big love was certain Mara, wife of Bogdan’s blacksmith. Bogdan fell in love with Mara at his property where she often came with her husband. When the blacksmith realized what was going on, it appeared a big problem but Bogdan found a solution. He gave a blacksmith 21 acres of land and some money and the beautiful Mara became a hostess at the court. In front of the palace there was a pool which was often filled with milk by Bogdan, they say, and Mara would bathed in it,… and when Uroš Predić painted the castle church, Bogdan had only one wish – that Virgin Mary gets Mara’s face!

Fantast castle

Bogdan Dundjerski was a big fan horses and he had a stud farm with 1400 horses. Among them, the most famous horse was Fantast who took all the prizes and trophies in 1932 at the Belgrade Hippodrome! After death, Fantast was buried in the castle properties and after him the castle got its name.
Also, from this stud farm is famous trophy horse Inquisitor whose tomb is was buried in the castle properties, the successor of the famous stallion Casanova who has died “sweet death”, while jumping to a mare…

Today on the farm there are 80 horses and six stables, and it is organized riding school for horse fans and equestrian sport.

The Fantast castle survived the infamous fate after World War II when it was robbed and devastated. Today, the Fantast castle is restored and renovated into a luxury hotel with a rich tourist offer and content. Around the castle is a spacious, beautifully decorated park in French-English style with beautiful landscaped walking paths, tennis courts and many other contents.

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