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The Čelarevo castle
Home Historic sites Palaces & castles The Čelarevo castle

The Čelarevo castle is named after a place where it is built. It is also known by the last names of its owners, and is often mentioned as a castle Bezeredi or the Dundjerski castle or one of the castles Dundjerski. Today it can be heard names as the castle Carlsberg, named after the famous beer company that takes care of him …
The castle complex consists of several buildings of which the most famous are Small- older one and Large – newer castle.
Small castle was built by Murphy Lipot at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19 century. Later on nobleman Nikola Bezeredi moved into the castle with his family. Bezreredi built a Large castle by the project of unknown Viennese architect between the 1834th and 1837th and today is much more in use the name which it got by his family name..
In 1882nd the famous castle Bezeredi was saled to the landowner Lazar Dundjerski who planted a plantation of hops in Čelarevo and built a brewery, which now belongs to the group Carlsberg. The famous beer “Lav” from Čelarevo was named after the statues of lions in natural size, which “guard” the entrance to the castle.
The castle is surrounded by a park in France-English style.

Acording to the legend , in Čelarevo was an old piano which was bought Bezeredi of a Russian gambler who must to sell the piano to return the gambling debts … the old piano was out of tune placed in the lobby of the castle and many years later, it served to Lazar Dundjerski as an inspiration to “revive” the castle and its door to open for artists of all profiles … Since then, the castle, among other artists (Paja Jovanović, Stevan Todorović …), often visited by the famous Serbian poet Laza Kostić, who was a great friend to Bogdan Dundjerski and godfather to all his children …
Lazar’s daughter, beautiful Lenka with her skillful fingers played very often on the old piano. And just here it happens unfulfilled love story about which all of us heard something in the past. Laza Kostić fell in love with the beautiful Lenka Dundjerski but considered himself unworthy of that love, and so despairing, decided to punish himself with insomnia … By status and age unworthy of the love of beautiful Lenka, resisted the temptation, he even wrote a letter to his great friend Nikola Tesla to marry Lenka because they are worth one of another …
Laza Kostić went to the monastery Krušedol on the mountain Fruška Gora and soon after he left Lenka died young.In Krušedol in despair and hoping that he will meet Lenka in the afterlife, he wrote one of the most beautiful love songs in Serbian “Santa Maria della Salute.”


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