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The Castle Veliki Tabor
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The Castle Veliki Tabor is located in the Croatian Zagorje and among the most beautiful and best preserved monuments of the whole Croatian architecture in tgrough its history. The castle was built at the end of Middle Ages, with elements of Renaissance architecture.
The castle consists of a high pentagonal tower surrounded by a ring that is subsequently enlarged. Castle still has its own chapel and a large bell.
Synonym of the word “Tabor” is a “military camp”, which indicates certailny military and defense functions of the castle. It was built as one of the medieval defense system fortress to prevent Turkish breakthrough to the west.

Dvorac veliki tabor

At first Veliki Tabor Castle was owned by the earls of Celje, then known as the “gentlemens from Sounecka“.
From the period when the earls of Celje ruled, is known a love legend about Veronica Desinicka, a village girl who lived in the 15th century in the village at the foot of the Veliki Tabor. Frederick, son of king Herman of Celje one day, while he was riding his horse on a father’s estate, saw the beautiful Veronica and fell in love… This love wasn’t to king Herman at will and he was strongly opposed.Veronica and Frederick run away to the city Fridrihstain, Herman’s hunting house near Kocevje in Slovenia. When king Herman heard about betrayal, send the army to catch them. When the army surrounded Fridrihstain, Frederick has successfully concealed Veronica and he was captured and taken to the military tower near Celje. It has been left only hol through which he got food and water. In the meanwhile Veronica was taken to the court and ruled in her interest with a notice that love isn’t sin.
However, after the court desicion king Herman sent the army to drown in a barrel of water … Frederick was released four years later, completely broken and unable for further life.

The earls of Celje lost their Castle when Ulrich of Celje died in conflict with Ladislav Hunday, and the earls of Celje ceased to exist.
In 1502 Counts Ratkaj become the owners of the Veliki Tabor Castle. The counts Ratkaj rebuilt Veliki Tabor Castle and it kept its look till now. At the entrance of the Veliki Tabor Castle is still coats of arms of the counts Ratkaj.


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