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Dracula’s castle Bran …
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The castle Bran (Bran Castelul) is located 28 km southwest of the city Brasov.
It was built in the XIV century by Teutonic Knights , on the unapproachable rock in the foothills of the South Carpathians.

The castle Bran was also a palace of dynasty Basarab, first Vlach royal dynasty. Through the history it has been a few times rebuilt but it kept his authentic Gothic style. A special attraction for tourists certaily is the fact that famous Count Dracula was imprisoned few years by Hungary ruler Matthias Corvinus, Sibinjanin Janka’s son with whom Dracula was a friend … Matthias Corvinus made an agreement about non-aggression with the Turks and one requirement was to eliminate the Count Dracula, big Turkish enemy. Instead of murder and for the father’s good will he “imprisoned” him in the Bran castle from where he took him later in Hungary. About the seriousness of Dracula’s imprisonment is telling us the fact that Dracula married with the sister of his jailer later …

dvorac Bran

The castle Bran today is a museum of medieval art which is exposed to an interesting collection of furniture, weapons and hunting trophies. However, the castle is most associated and identified with the legend of Count Dracula for compelling medieval atmosphere that prevails there.
During the first half of the twentieth century, the castle Bran was the residence of the controversial King Ferdinand and Queen Maria, second of the Romanian royal couple when the whole castle rebuilt.
At the foothill of the castle Bran there is a very attractive ethnic village that you schould not miss to visit because it is equally interesting as well as the castle.

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