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Macedonia, a country known for wine and viticulture
Home Gastronomy Wine routes Macedonia, a country known for wine and viticulture

Macedonia is a Balkan country with a long tradition of viticulture. Macedonian wines are well known and appreciated in the whole Europe.
Wine and tobacco are main Macedonian products for export.
Wine production has its tradition in Macedonia since the ancient Roman times. The drawings of grapes and grapevine have been found carved in stone in the archaeological places Negotino and Kavadarci. The tradition of wine production has continued to the time of the invasion of Slavs and the Ottomans till today. “Good habits should not be changed”-it is saying that apparently exists in Macedonia too …

Macedonia has used its geographical location, mild climate and fertile soil on the best way to develop the Macedonian viticulture. The most fertile area is the valley of the river Vardar – Povardarje which is famous for the wine region Tikveš. Wines from Tikveš area are synonymous for the the Macedonian viticulture.
In Macedonia there are, besides Tikveš, many others wine cellars as “Vinojug”, “Povardarje”, “Lozar”, “Skovin”, “Bovin” … but the most famous red wines, produced here, are Vranec (strong black horse), Kratošija, T’ga za jug and the most famous white wines are “Traminec” and “Žilavka”.
We would just like to present some facts about Macedonian wine production : two-thirds of the total wine production in ex Yugoslavia belonged to the Macedonia, 28500 hectares in Macedonia is under grape vines and export profit is around 30 mil. euros a year.
Macedonian wines are exported in Europe and it is known that it has been exported in the 19th century to France and with horse-drawn vehicle to the Albanian and Greek ports from where the goods has been exported to the whole world. It is a picturesque described in the most famous Macedonian song “Biljana platno beleše”.


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