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Bermet, the wine of European courts
Home Gastronomy Wine routes Bermet, the wine of European courts

Wine Bermet is a national Serbian brand. The Bermet is dessert wine with especially unusual and original taste. It is re-manufacturing and rebranding and certainly abducted from oblivion.

Technology of producing Bermet is kept in Karlovac’s basements and in families who have produced and passed down from generation to generation its recipe as a closely guarded secret.

This “forgotten” wine is geographically placed in an area of the mountain Fruška gora, Sremski Karlovci and several monasteries. This rare wine is produced in limited quantities only 15,000 to 20,000 bottles a year. This fact gives to the Bermet a special value and impressiveness.
Once the Bremet was especially appreciated at the Royal Palace in Vienna, in Paris and across the France and a few well-preserved bottles were found in the wreck of the Titanic ship.

Wine Bermet

The tradition of the manufacturing and the original recipe give us a wine of special quality and taste. The Bermet is made exclusively from grapes grown in vineyards, placed on slopes above the mountain Fruška gora enriched with 24 to 26 species of aromatic herbs. One of them is a Wormwood and while you are drinking this special wine, you will get appetite and we are truly recommended the famous Vojvodina’s specialties from local cuisine.

In the barrels there are one line red grapes, one line aromatic herbs and so on to the top, then you’ll poured wine from last year and barrels stay closed for three months…

Production of the Bermet wine was stopped for some time until recently when the Bermet was returned its old glory. The Bermet expects soon an international certificate which will, among “šljivovica” (national Serbian alcoholic drink of plum), become a protected national drink of Serbia with the geographic origin.

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  1. BERMET ALEKS says:

    Nadam se da ce zahvaljujuci mojoj zastiti robnog ziga BERMET ALEKS, srbija uspeti da zastiti BERMET i da on postane nas brend.BARON BERMET Aleks je postala izvozna prica.Sa grbom porodice Rajacic , a oni su nosioci prve diplome iz Hamburga davne 1863 godine, a ja danas radim po njihovom receptu.

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