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The Macedonian constitutional name is Republic of Macedonia but the name that is internationally accepted is those one that it awarded by the UN, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or F.Y.R.O.M.
In Serbian and Croatian version of the portal ViaBalkans.com we used “Macedonia” (because these two countries recognized Macedonia with its constitutional name), and F.Y.R.O.M in the English version of the portal.

Tourism in Macedonia is not the primary industry sector but it is in its development. The main tourist centers are the town of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid, the capital Skopje and lakes: Prespansko, Dojransko, Mladost…

Important tourist regions in Macedonia are the Vardar valley and the routes of wine and vineyards by which are known Negotinovo and Kavadarci.

In tourist aspects larger cities in Macedonia are more interesting and they are, beside Skopje and Ohrid: Kruševo, Bitola (Bitola), Prilep, Veles …

Nature in Macedonia is beautiful with particularly lush vegetation. Besides Tikveša and Povardarja and other vineyards area there are beautiful mountains and national parks Galičica, Mavrovo and Pelister too.

Winter tourism in the Macedonian mountains revived in the ski centers Popova Šapka, Mavrovo, Pelister and Kruševo.

Cultural tourism in Macedonia has great potential especially with archaeological places dating from prehistoric times, ancient Roman and Byzantine times, until modern history of the Ottoman Empire and Yugoslavia. Interesting archaeological places from the Roman centuries are Skupi, Stobi and Herakleja with the remains of floor mosaics, ancient pillars and statues.

Friendly and cheerful hosts will be host you with smiles and open arms. It is the Macedonian tradition and it is in spirit of their mentality. Macedonians are simple and nice people who will fascinate you with their songs, dance, customs and folklore.


Name: Republic of Macedonia (the Constitution) / FYROM (international)
The political and governmental structure: Parliamentary republic
Capital: Skopje (Skopje) 450 000
Language: Macedonian (official), Albanian, Turkish, Serbian
Major cities: Tetovo, Bitola (Bitola), Prilep, Kumanovo, Kruševo
Currency: Denar (MKD)
Religions: Orthodox 67%, Islam 30%
Airports: Skopje (SKP) Ohrid (OHD)
Ports: /
Area code (prefix): +389
Timezone: +1 GMT