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The Belgrade beer fest
Home Events The Belgrade beer fest

The Belgrade beer fest is one of the three biggest festivals in Serbia (the first two are Exit and Guča). Every August you can visit and enjoy in the Belgrade beer fest, at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube on the New Belgrade side.
It is one of the biggest beer festival in Europe. Of course, we will not ignore the famous Munich Oktoberfest, but will make a comparison that will show the power of our festival. The Munich Oktoberfest lasts 16 days and was visited by 6 million people. On the other hand, the Belgrade beer fest lasts 5 days and is visited by 900,000 people. Of course, the length of the festival is not a parameter but the fact that the Belgrade beer fest is held the seventh year in a row compared with the Oktoberfest tradition says that the Belgrade beer fest is a serious competition to many other similar festivals, and without thinking at Oktoberfest that deserves to stay where it is!

Comparing the Belgrade Beer Fest and the Oktoberfest we can certainly say that they are conceptually different. The Oktoberfest is a universal and fair event while the Belgrade beer fest is primarily a music festival that brings together many famous bands. Some people dare to call him the biggest music festival in Europe.

Belgrade beer fest

Here is beer still the essence. Many competitions are organized by beer companies to attract more people, for example the contest in fastest-drinking etc. This festival brings together in one place about 70 beer brands from all over the world.
The festival got many international awards. Among them there is the brightest recommendation of the famous British newspaper The Independent, which is in 2005 included the Belgrade Beer Fest, in the 20 international events that would be required to visit.
Welcome to the Belgrade beer fest!


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