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Belgrade and Zagreb
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Zagreb and Belgrade, rivals cities, have always been fascinated by its similarities and differences.
They are quite different but at the same time there are some things they have in common:
If you’ve ever been on the King Tomislav Square in Zagreb and on the St. Sava Square in Belgrade certainly you have noticed that in a total same positions there are the railway station, main post office building, tram railways …

Povijest Hrvata

While you are standing infront of a main railway station, you look at the right on Zrinjevac street in Zagreb, or on Nemanja street in Belgrade …
One more similarity of these two cities is the fountain “Borba“ , masterpiece of the famous Serbian sculptor Simeon Roksandic. You can find one in a park on Kalemegdan Fortess and the other one is on Jesuit Square. Interesting thing about these sculptures is that they are both originals and not the original and copies.
Namely, Simeon Roksandic made “Borba” 1906th in his studio in Rome as a showpiece for the Balkan exhibition held in London in 1907. The news that the ship that sailed with a sculpture to London sank, arrived soon in Rome and Serbian sculptor Roksandic is based on plaster models poured a new statue. Later on, one copy was purchased by Belgrade,and the another one by Zagreb.

Second similarity is the sculpture “Istorija Hrvata” („the history of Croatian people“) by Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The original of this sculpture carved in white marble is in Belgrade, in the pavilion in front of the White house, and a bronze copy is infront of the building Law Faculty of Zagreb University in Zagreb.

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  1. monday says:

    i am visting belgrade in serbia, i want to know if i can visit zagreb from belgrade with a serbia tourist visa please help me

  2. admin says:

    the best solution is to contact the Croatian Embassy, the consular department which is located at Sime Lozanica street in Belgrade.
    Good luck!

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