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Bulgaria belong to those Europian country whose tourism is in the expansion.
At first Bulgaria was not particularly attractive and interesting destination, but with the new millennium it just become unusal beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world. Bulgaria has done so much to develope and emancipate itself, its infrastructure and completly changed their own image and as result got a star the European Union. And so, one day, it was created “story” like this one you are reading now, about new and beautiful Bulgaria, a new, beautiful, smiling European face.

Teathre Ivan Vazov

When we talk about the Bulgarian tourism, very important place took Bulgarian coast on the Black Sea, as well as mountain and their ski centers. Right next to them, but no less important, is Bulgarian capital Sofia, developed in famous urban center, as well as developed spa and climatic centers.
You will not regret if you take your time and attention to the folloving destinations: Ski Centers: Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo... summer destinations: Albena, Solar Hill, Golden pjasci (Golden sand), Primorsko … the old cities: Nesebar, Burgas and Varna …

Bulgaria saved its nature, representing at the same time a European oasis. Bulgarian mountains are with clear streams and green pastures, meadows, valleys and natural phenomena such as natural stone bridges known as “Rock bridges“. Another Bulgarian characteristic is well known the valleys with roses. This flower became national symbol and took important place of Bulgarian image in relation to the whole world. An important element of the Bulgarian national economy, tradition and culture certainly are breeding and harvesting of roses which turned into a tourist attraction.

In Bulgaria it is actively working on the development of rural (sustainable) tourism and we can expect a new Bulgarian boom in this tourist field on the European scene.

If you are planning a some new journey seriously consider still uncovered Bulgaria as an possible option. In Bulgaria you will meet nice and kind people and their way of living and customs. Enjoy the specific taste of the Bulgarian national cuisine, in the Bulgarian folk music and friendly atmosphere of this exciting destination.

Bulgaria INFO

Name: the Republic of Bulgaria
The political and governmental structure: Republic
Capital: Sofia (1.114 million)
Language: Bulgarian
Major cities: Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas
Currency: Lev (BGL)
Religions: Orthodox 85%, Islam 13%
Airports: Sofia (SOF), Burgas (BOJ) Plovdiv (PDV)
Ports: Burgas, Varna
Area code (prefix): +359
Time Zone: +2 GMT