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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the central state of the former Yugoslavia and according to its multi-ethnicity structure, many people experienced it commendable as a former state.

When we talk about tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is a wide variety of offer its beautiful old towns, mountains, rivers, untouched nature but most of all nice and hospitable people.

Sarajevo is the biggest tourist center as well as center in every other sense. Sarajevo represents urban city center with developed each segment of tourism but it is still working hard . Sarajevo is proud of the fact that it was the Olympic city, which testifies that it is a very serious tourist destination.
Besides Sarajevo, there are two more beautiful cities that stand out: Banja Luka and Mostar with its symbol – the old bridge.

When we talk about the bridges, there is no other country in the world like Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is famous for these sights and cities: Mostar and the Old Bridge, Višegrad and “Bridge on the river Drina” , Trebinje and Arslanagića bridge …

There are so many interesting and authentic small towns in Bosnia: Počitelj, Blagaj, Gradačac, Ljubuški, Travnik, Jajce…
Beside Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar don’t miss an opportunity to visit: Tuzla, Zenica, Prijedor, Bijeljina, Brčko, Bihać.

Bosnia and Hercegovina is known for its Olympic mountain beauty Jahorina but there are many beautiful green mountains as well: Kozara, Vlašić, Trebević, Maglić, Grmeč…

Take your time and visit National Parks in Bosnia and Hezegovina: Sutjeska, Kozara, Una i Blidinje , you will enjoy in beautiful nature and certainly you will not regret.
The rivers Drina, Neretva, Vrbas and Una are famous for its regattas and rafting as well as beauty and untouched nature in their environment. No less beautiful are the rivers Pliva, Bosna, Sana and Sava.

There are also interesting historical places from the Second World War, such as Jajce or Drvar with the famous Tito’s cave as well as the largest center of religious tourism and pilgrimage on the Balkan Peninsula Medjugorje,.

Bosnia and Herzegovina INFO

Name: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The political and governmental structure: Federal republic
Capital: Sarajevo (300 000)
Language: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian
Major cities: Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla
Currency: Convertible Mark (BAM)
Religions: Orthodox 40%, Muslim 38%, Roman Catholic 17.3%
Airports: Sarajevo (SJJ), Banja Luka (BNX), Mostar (OMO)
Ports: Brčko, Bosanski Brod
Area code (prefix): +387
Time Zone: +1 GMT