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Looking back through the years from season to season Albania has developed into an attractive destination for foreign tourists. After leaving negative stereotypes about this country in European media, it is slowly becoming thing of the past, and Albania became interested to all citizens from all over the world as an undiscovered part of Europe. Favorite Albanian destinations are certainly the nature and the sea, and among popular weekend excursionists are visits to the art’s cities. The most popular beaches are those in Dures (Durres), and on the southern coast from Vlora (Valona) to Saranda, there are the most beautiful Albanian beaches Drimades, Yale and Kasmil near Saranda.

Saranda developed its infrastructure and now it is the most developed Albanian tourist destination. Despite the beautiful mountains, this part of the country is still not enough explored and used. The most visited cities are Kruja, famous for the castle of the national hero Skanderbeg and city Berat, which was declared as UNESCO cultural heritage. In Albania it was developed so-called “patriotic tourism” and Albania was visited mostly by the people from Kosovo and parts of Macedonia, mainly inhabited by Albanians, but since a few seasons ago Albania was the first time included in offers of European travel agencies and tour operators.

When we talk about urban tourism, unfortunately Albania has not so much to offer, especially when we talk about cities in the provinces. However, there are positive developments here especially in the city museum Gjirokaster. The Albanian capital Tirana is not so interesting in a cultural and historical meaning but it became known for its business, political and congress tourism. Skadar represents significant potential for development of Albanian urban tourism and it has became paricularly famous for tourists excursion. As a result of the improvement of infrastructure and fact that Albania has become one big building area certainly is the success of the Albanian tourism today. Visa suspension has also contributed to the faster tourism development.

According to the World Tourism Organization forecasts, if the huge Albanian natural potential is in a good corelation with the corresponding successful state politics, Albania is destined for fast development, and it would be positioned high on the European tourist map.

Albania INFO

Name: the Republic of Albania
The political and governmental structure: Republic
Capital: Tirana (300,000)
Language: Albanian, Greek
Major cities: Elbasan, Durres, Shkodra
Currency: Lek (ALL)
Religions: Islam 70%, Orthodox 20%, Roman Catholic 10%
Airports: “Mother Teresa” Tirana (TIA)
Ports: Durres, Vlora, Saranda
Area code (prefix): +355
Time Zone: +1 GMT