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Training ship “Jadran”
Home Adventure Training ship “Jadran”

The most beautiful Montenegrin navy sails, the old sailing training ship “Jadran”
resists time and age ( over 70 years old ), the time isn’t so much influenced him even the motor boats took the rule over the world seas…
Jadran sails still full of sails and attracts people views and camera.
Back 1932nd the ship was acquired by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, with part of the funds collected by the “Adriatic Guard” maritime organization and in part by a loan taken from the Navy war reparations.

Školski brod Jadran

It was built in the “HC Stülcken & Sohn” shipyard in Hamburg. The ship is fully completed on 27th March 1933rd year, when it started his first sail to the homeland.
In Tivat, where it’s his home sea-port, it arrived on 16 July 1933, at 10.00 hours, with a state ceremony (which included a salute with cannons) and thrilled people.
The training ship “Jadran” faced with bad luck and fate but also it is remembered by beautiful moments like his longest sailing to North America…
In 1938, the training ship “Jadran” sailed from the Dubrovnik ‘s old sea-port to New York and Boston. The training ship “Jadran” cruised through Malta, Gibraltar, Madeira and Bermuda and after two months, officially arrived in New York. It stayed in New York 16 days and during this time it is visited by thousands of our immigrants, and got the war flag as a gift from New York’s office of the “Adriatic guard”. Then Nikola Tesla visited the ship “Jadran” and the crew gave him ship’s engraving as a present.
Some years later, during the Second World War, the ship “Jadran” was facing with a trouble and bad luck. It was surrendered and Italian navy used him as a training ship under the new name “Marco Polo”. However, after the capitulation began his agony…
After the war, the ship “Jadran” was found with a broken mast and split sails, bound in one of the Venetian canal, where it served as a bridge, neglected, exposed and robbed …
“Jadran” was returned in Tivat, his home sea-port, where was done general repairs and reconstruction of the ship and old glory was returned to the training ship “Jadran”. However, after the Second World War “Jadran” was once again ignored because the place of the main Navy ship took Jadran’s main competitor “Galeb”.
“Jadran” re-took the place of his glorious in 1997th when he was cruising to Greece.
In the world there is only one similar type, the Italian sailing ship “Amerigo Vespucci”.

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