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Towers and TV towers in the Balkans
Home Adventure Towers and TV towers in the Balkans

TV towers are fascinating buildings that cause attention, excitement and definitely inevitable increase of adrenaline.
Beside their main function to be TV repeaters, they are usually the tourist atractions with balconies and restaurants at the top with wonderful views.
In the Balkan peninsula there are dozens of them:

toranj endem

The highest TV tower is in Istanbul – „Endems“ TV Tower 236 meters high. On a 154 meters above see level is a rotating panoramic restaurant that turns 360 degrees and on 160 meters hight there is a terrace with a magnificent view of the Megapolis.
Istanbul is proud of one more tower (Camlica TV Tower), which is 166 meters high.
The most famous and the second one after the largest tower Endems is Avala tower 204.5 m high in Belgrade. Avala Tower is in many ways unique and famous in the world: The unique design and is one of the few towers of reinforced concrete which is not directly on the ground, but relies on three legs in the form of a tripod, which symbolizes the “tripod” – Serbian shepherd’s chair. It is the only tower in the world and its intersection is the equilateral triangle.

Avalski toranj

Avala tower represents a masterpiece of world architecture and is one of the most beautiful TV towers in the world. It was built in 1964. It is known as well for being destroyed in the bombing of Serbia and Montenegro in 1999. Its rebuilt began in 2006. and opening ceremony was in 2010. The new tower is identical to the old one except that it is symbolicly one meter higher than its predecessor.

kula Snežanka

By number of towers in the Balkans, Bulgaria is far ahead. The highest Bulgarian Tower is Ruse (TV Tower The Rousse), which is 204 meters high, only half a meter lower than the Avala Tower. There is a panoramic terrace at 107 meters high from which is a beautiful view of the city Rousse, the Danube and neighboring Romania to the Carpathians.
The next highest TV tower in Bulgaria is famous Tower Snezanka (Snezhanka Tower) near ski center Pamporovo. Tower Snezanka is 156 meters high and has a wonderful viewpoint. Tower Snezanka is also built of reinforced concrete.
The next-largest TV tower in Bulgaria is Dobrich (Dobrich TV Tower), 146m high. Followed by 108m high tower “Kopitoto (hoof) at the Vitosha mountain near Sofia. I Kopitoto was built of reinforced concrete.
TV Tower “Borisova Gradina”,108 m high, is in the beautiful and oldest city park in Sofia. It represents a glorious tourist attraction Sofia.
TV Tower in Zagreb is 169m high. It was built in 1973. on the mountain Sljeme above Zagreb. There is a place at 75m high that is planned for the restautant, but it was never opened to the public.
Romania is proud of its Galata tower (Galaţi) 150 meters high. Galati also has a panoramic restaurant unique in the entire Romanian. It was built in 1978.
Avaz Twist tower in Sarajevo is 172 meters high and up to rebuild Avala tower was the highest building in the former Yugoslavia. However, Avaz Twist Tower is not the classic TV Tower , it is skyscraper, so it turns out from the competition.

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