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Istrian underwater world
Home Adventure Istrian underwater world

Today underwater tourism, especially diving has became more popular than ever .,. Istrian underwater world has very rare wealthy content for this type of tourism, as an adventure, sport and entertainment.
At depths up to 40m, which is limit for recreational diving, lie the real jewels, wrecks of different kind of ships travelling,shopping, cargo, war … submarine …
These wrecks are now home for colorful fish, coral and other sea flora and fauna. In some wreck parts, it is possible to enter and observe its interior.
Most famous wreck in Istrian underwater world is the wrecks of travelling ship Baron Gautsch that sank in 1914 infront of the coastal town Rovinj. People from Rovinj still remembered the tragedy that has claimed many human lives. It happened when this Austro-Hungarian ship hit a floating mine (during the World War II), while it was sailing from Dalmatia to Trieste.
The Baron Gautsch wreck is located at a depth of 30m, about 85m long and 11m wide.
On the second place of the Istrian significant underwater wreck is definitely wreck of the steamboat Coriolanus. Coriolanus is a military ship in the class “Shakespeare” of the British Royal Navy which consists of 12 similar ships . It lies on the intersection of longitude 13°25”25′ and latitude 45°19”9′ (see map on the right side).

There are also important some other Istrian underwater wrecks such as the torpedo ships Flamingo, Giuseppe Dezza, John Glimore, Josefina etc.
National park Brioni with its extremely wealthy underwater world, is particularly interesting for diving adventure. Don’t be surprised if you meet here face to face with large groupers. There are snails and corals of all shapes and colors as usual environment.

brodska olupina

In the northern Adriatic Sea there are many interesting underwater places such as underwater caves and canyons. South of Pula there is even an underwater wall in which gap is stuck sailboat mast.
If you are fearless, don’t miss to try this adventure. In the tourist areas of Istria there are authorized dive centers and according to their guides and instructors, you can enjoy diving in underwater world.

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